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Addressing any health concern can be confronting. Hearing loss is an invisible health issue and it is usually loved ones and people around you who notice it first.

These two facts are why Australian’s on average leave treating hearing loss for seven years.

At Clarity Hearing Solutions we understand those concerns and go out of our way to ensure you are comprehensively tested so your hearing loss, if you have one, can be properly documented and your options for treating that hearing loss properly explained.

Dakota Bysouth-Young is our Bribie Island audiologist. A fully Masters-level qualified audiologist, Dakota prides himself in ensuring your hearing loss is expertly treated with solutions that fit your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.

Clarity Hearing Solutions is Queensland’s largest family owned independent audiologist. When we created the business we developed a set of ethical clinical practice principles to ensure the treatment of your hearing loss is our only priority:

Accurate diagnosis: We only employ the best University Masters qualified and fully registered audiologists and we take the time to ensure we accurately diagnose      your hearing loss.

Evidence-based recommendations and treatment: We only prescribe treatment and device features where there’s medical evidence it will help you and,               importantly, suit your lifestyle and your budget.

Ethical and transparent pricing: Our margins are the same across our entire range of devices. This ensures there is no incentive to prescribe overly expensive      technology other than what is best for you. We earn our income from our clinical time, our expertise—like your GP, dentist or physio—not from selling hearing aids. This also means our hearing aids are priced as competitively as possible at close to wholesale prices.

No sales commissions: We employ our expert team to treat your hearing loss and pay them for that. We do not impose “sales targets” or pay commissions based on sales. These practices have no place in a health setting

Independent: Being independent we can provide devices and implants from all manufacturers to ensure you get the one right for your needs. We don’t have any       financial arrangements in place that favour certain brands or types of devices. We will offer you a choice of options at different price points that will treat your  hearing loss and we will take the time to explain the benefits and features of each option.


Clarity offers a full range of hearing services for babies, school kids, adults and seniors including:

Hearing assessments, hearing aids and rehabilitation (FREE for eligible pensioners, DVA card holders and NDIS participants though OHSP and NDIS)

Paediatric hearing tests and CAPD test batteries

Comprehensive hearing tests and reports for all patients from birth to seniors

Extremely competitive hearing aid pricing (see our website for pricing)

Sudden/Acute/Screening/Benign Positional Vertigo (BPV) test (30 min)

Complete Vestibular test battery (3 hrs)

Local Cochlear, Bone Anchored, Sound Bridge (implants) candidacy assessment, switch-ons and mapping and programming (Surgery in Brisbane or Gold Coast)

Tinnitus assessment and rehabilitation

Medico-legal assessment (WorkCover)

Coal Board Medical/Employment

Wax/foreign body removal

Ear protection, swimming plugs, musician’s earplugs


If you are ready to start the journey to better hearing, contact Clarity Hearing Solutions today to arrange an appointment at our Bribie Island clinic at the Bribie Island Medical Centre.


Call us on 3366 7888 or visit our website at